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Arrow keys control AI vehicle movement, cannot unbind.
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I have a ten-keyless keyboard so I use the arrow keys for various view settings.

Even after unbinding the arrow keys in movement, vehicle movement, etc. they are still being used when in the gunner/command position in a vehicle to command the AI driver.


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Remove all bindings using arrow keys in menu.

Place yourself in the gunner/command position in a vehicle.

Use the arrow keys.

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I ran into the same exact issue. Tried to bind arrow keys for turret movement left and right, to discover i was issuing orders for AI aswell, after spending half an hour rebinding everything i found, i gave up, there doesnt seem to be a way of disabling the AI controls. Which is wierd, WASD does the same thing aswell, so you have two sets of controls that do the same.

Also, there needs to be a way to save keybind profiles, and an option to toggle for the diffrent 'Zoom to iron sights' modes they added, since if you want to try those out, you have to rebind every key AGAIN.

The underlying cause is the same as #727: there are assigned controls hidden in the player profile not showing up in game under Options > Controls.


1)Go to your profile in My Documents\Arma 3 or My Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles

2)Open it with Notepad and find these lines:


3)Delete ",203" ",205" ",200" ",208" (those numbers are the arrow keys, the other numbers are WASD)

4)Close and save the file

5)Restart Arma 3

Thanks tarciop, that works well.

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Thanks tarciop! I'm using my arrow keys for action menu sometimes because my wheen scroll is shit and this has annoyed me for a while.