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Diver handsignals + Diver animations improvement
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Diver communication, is abit lacking.

Based on game logic, I know its 2035 and all divers are equipped with some kind of radio devices, but I am sure Diving handsignals won't be a thing of the past.

Handsignals such as : "go down", "go up", "are you ok?" are commonly used underwater, and getting those in-game will be a nice feature.

Some of the basic handsignals are shown here:

*Might be too late to include the following in-game*

In addition, the way divers actually get in or jump into water should be improved.
For example- Watch these guys roll backwards off the boat ( ), and this guy doing the "giant stride entry" ( )


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Upvoted. Was gonna create a ticket too about handsignals :P The problems is, divers can actually talk underwater. I engaged an enemy when underwater a while ago, and he was literally shouting commands to his team mates etc. Anyway, handsignals seems were removed totally from arma (apparently only on land, since there was no underwater enviroment in arma 2). Maybe you should update the title, including the underwater chatter issue.

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The latest motion capture was recently done and it's too late now.

There's already a ticket for handsignals BTW.