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Just a duplicate of issue 0003002 Realistic Wounding System to be visible!
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Go on this issue and upvote even if you're not for gore, it can be set by options. Let the choice to the player, ArmA is a sim, so let the choice to really have realism, that many attempt to since 2001 with operation flashpoint, we are on 2013 so 12 years with a lot of improvment like with VBS2 2.0 of BI. RV4 can improve that and I don't understand why many people want to lock this feature if it can be set on or off. To have more realism

Let the choice, it's ArmA 3 ( FREE ).

I'm not OK with "Psy effect", look at movies and others games, here it's a sim, so we simulate the reality. And it's a game ( simulation ) for adults not for kids.

If it's implemented in game it's better than mods, I like ACE 2 but it's really buggy, have a lot of time to use the debug button.

Read the good arguments in the issue and vote up+++++++++++++++++++++ in 0003002 even if you're not OK for gore ; it's can be set. but with real injuries not just for gore!!!

For ethics with different countries, just need a code from the BI Forum to set it ON. It's a sim or not


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Would you please treat this feedback tracker seriously and try to refrain from creating issues like this that potentially waste people's time? When you do this kind of thing "for adults not for kids" becomes deeply ironic.

So why people wants to lock it if it can be set?

There's no reason ; THIS IS WAR, but not without a real improvment with wounds.

Yhea this annoys me not only you are advertizing other post(witch is fine but not in this way) Also you are requesting an feature to be set by user prefferences.... ArmA is a sim aimed for people old enough to realize that its a game and that things like this happen in reallife aswell. Not little kids that go cry because someone is missing a leg in a game.

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Wow, great job on wasting 20 seconds of my life. Can we have a close and ban fast?

No reason to ban, it was just to explain that it's a digital world which simulate real life ; it's not the reality.

I stop to respond, peace in the community, not like THIS IS WAR.

Well you do not seem to understand the issue we have with people that want certain realism features to be disabled and enabled upon user preferences. This game is a simulator when people say things like these other people are gona feel free to b** and moan about it aswell and we will lose Good features( look at bf3). TO prefend this we just want everyone that feels like implementing something you shouldn't make configurable in a simulator that they made a terrible mestake.