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Touch Off Bomb range is too large, and explosives are generally not risky enough to use
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It's kind of weird that I can set off a bomb almost 300 meters away from it with a magical wireless detonation trigger. I get this is the future, but it also impacts balance in some weird ways. There's no risk to planting explosives against AI in particular, and even against players it means you could be in a very large area when you detonate explosives. I understand the need to have a safe distance, but if you aren't going to have to leave a wire trail, the range should be toned down somewhat so stealthily detonating explosives is a little riskier, making it more difficult to avoid detection after the explosion unless you set a timer.
And the AI is another big issue. With a mine that is buried and well disguised, it's understandable when a regular opfor soldier doesn't notice it. But when it's just a stack of C4 on a table, or on the floor, it should not only be noticed, but dealt with. Some sort of AI ability to call for the nearest engineer to come to deal with the problem would be awesome, especially if on failure, the AI would start evacuating the potential blast area. Instead, a soldier will just walk over and stand on a chunk of C4 like an idiot. Just plant some Cf4, have an opfor soldier run to that point with a waypoint, and see what happens. The AI is about as bad at spotting C4 in broad daylight as they are good at spotting you in the pitch black darkness of midnight.


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Terrorist can make simple bombs that can be remotely triggered using mobile phones which in essence could be detonated from the other side of the world, so ~ 300m via remote using an encrypted trigger (to avoid incorrect detonation) would be very easy/low cost in military terms with very high reliability.

The problem of AI and explosives is more a mechanic of the game and the simple placing method in that explosives mostly end up on the ground even though it’s really “implied” that have been physically placed out of sight hence AI don’t see them, but you then end up with the other problem that if the object moves the explosives stay where they were.

But where do you draw the line, with vehicles they could just change it so when you place explosives it disappears from view from the opposition (becomes invisible) and only reappears again in the presences of a “detector” or they could add a node to the memory point LOD of all vehicles, so when explosives are attached they get attached to the node rather than end up on the ground and if a detector is used the warning triangle appears on the vehicle, so disarming would be much like the repairing of a vehicle.

Agree with b101uk.

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stop playing wasteland then

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I agree with bomb detection, but wireless devices have a pretty good range nowadays.