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Need real tactical military hand signals during stealth combat
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This is a feature really interesting for stealth combat, were you need no sound to assault enemy without to be heard, with a group both AI and players to coordinate movements and actions to do.

It's can be very realistic. immersive by the fact that you have to be more awareness of your group and more of your group leader for orders.

Hearing is cool, but in stealth condition is a feature like in real life to try to have advantage on enemy. To advance on enemys before to be heard by them at short distance.

Something difficult is to move on them even if you're not visually spoted, you can be by noise of movement even if you are going slowly.

This is to put real hand signs from real military world to enhanced the possibilities.

So please devs works on stealth combat to have more immersion like in real life.

All vote up and comment. {F20427} {F20428} {F20429} {F20430}


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Hand signals for news missions where you need to approch enemies in stealth condition.

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It'd be nice, but is it feasible? How would it be implemented?

I know that in BI forum we don't like the select menu like America's Army but it can be easy with one button to control it and to mouve the mouse on the good action.

Like it was mentionned for the different Z and leaning movement just with Ctrl and a mouse movement. (don't remember the issue; a good idea for smoother transition, and a better gameplay)

It can be a good inspiration this type of menu, just need one button, but not like in AA with a big menu front of you on the whole screen, it's can be little like on the right up corner of screen in place of the status of weapon, it can take place by pressing this action button. Or to place this menu on another place, like the up left one.

It's just an idea for the implement but all good ideas is good to have...

I like the concept but I can't help but feel that it can't be included without being inconvenient, at least until be have better virtual reality technology for our arms.

We just need new animations and this implement, it's not unfeasible, and really with Arma, the ultimate military sim, there no one game like that, and with this feature no one can arrive to this level before to pass a big gap.

But we need ideas to do that, and I know that the community is a big part of the improvment.

Sirs burn your brain...

How about hand signals that can be enabled when commanding your team? For instance, if you tell teammates to advance, you'll make the appropriate signal.

It may be an issue though since first of all, hand signals will require you to let go of your weapon from one hand, and second, the radio protocol already has whispering so there isn't much of a need for hand signals. It would be more immersive but being less ready while performing a hand signal seems to be the biggest issue.

Maybe you're in the good way, when in stealth condition, to change the method of communication ; instead of speaking when in stealth mode switch to signals.

It's can be an option, stealth mode with less noise when speaking and a stealth mode with signals to give orders.

So if you're the leader it's not difficult for AI to follow your orders ; might be visible. If you're with a group leader you have to be more aware of him and with the rest of the group, more difficult with AI but imagine in MP, with real players...

With this option like when you're commanding , you might work together in coordination.

You're true with the performing, but like in real live we need preparation before an attack if it's not a direct confontation.

How do you think it should be implemented?

It's open for every good ideas to do the good choice...

What signals do you want to see? Linking them with commands would be great to aid in its development.

I saw the VTS mission had hand signs already.

Signals to order to move in a direction, to stay low, to attack an ennemy by surprise ( with knife, if coming! ).

In fact all signals that you can observe in real life military.

There many things to imagine with different missions or part of a mission.

VTS mission?

Please everybody vote up for this feature.

Yeah, I'd really be looking forward to that. If you can find a list of most or all of those signals it'd be really helpful.

Hand signs to designate a teamate and a action to do, but I'm not in the Army so I let the experts for that.

But I imagine two fingers from the eyes to observe, the direction of an enemy to suppress, like the hand near the neck like cutting the throat, sign to stop, to stay low and more. But real signs that can be usefull like in real life and with real military maneuvers...

In fact how to be visible by devs or moderator?

Lol didnt saw your post and just posted mine regarding the same thign. I know how in ace this has been implemented by scrolling and holding tab. WOrked out pretty nice. I hope you get more likes then this and that the makers look into this.

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Arma 2 had this feature, but those animations was very poor!

ohhhh they where horrible xD

But now it's RV4 with better motion capture, so why not?

Eventually a moderator or developer should see it.

You just lost my upvote by spamming my mailbox 16 times. Seriously people will se this and will like this you can stop spamming everyone every 5 minuts now.

I'm sorry I receive mails too for each issue I've seen and I treat ; no reason to change you're vote Raoul1234, it was an idea you have too!

Gmail compiles the emails for me, so I don't get spammed.

SCREW YOU XD im just gona upvote it again because its a good idea. hahaha

For those who downvote can you explain please?

It's a good thing to improve realism in ArmA. Imagine a team with silencers and knives, has to enter a camp or a building, without to be detect to realise an objective. In this case you have to really use cover and to stay stealth, coordinate attack on enemys and not just to move forward and fire when you see movement. It's can be to suppress enemys who lock a way to put an explosive on something, with too much enemys around for your team ; have to stay stealth.

Has I said when you're too nearly, ennemys can hear you just by talking for orders ( there's problems with sounds of movements too ), so like in real life, team has to communicate with hand signs.

So please give-me a reason to downvote!

I didnt downvote you but i know a reason. A you spam uss you litirally made a new post to promote this one. You update this one every 5 to 15 min to stay on the main page. And you keep refering to things this does not really implement on.. things that you would see in some arcade shooter. ArmA is about real life stategy and army not about some stealthy bullshit with crosbows an knifes. You are just a normal grunt that could die anny second so you have to play as a team. People keep wanting stuff like knifes crosbows enc enc to make the game more fun... wich is funny since this game is already fun the way it is. If you want to swing around knifes, crosbows, dartguns and be a stealthy guy that has to do splintercell kinda executions enc then go play cod, battlefield, Splintercel, Hitman, Assasins creed, Far cry, Crysis, Rainbow six or something else. It is really pissing me off that people that want shit like crosbows and things to be made easyer for the user get most likes (not you) then people like me who are trying to emprove the game by using the feedback tracker.

And not to mention moderators who are to focused on makin shure there are no Duplicants( IF MORE THEN 1 PERSON POSTS SOMTHING REGARDING THE SAME THING IT MEANS ITS AN ISSUE AND SHOULD BE FIXED)

Then again this is somthing i'd like to see but kinda overused since ACE is gona bring it in. But then we dont want to install mods mods mods mods mods for a game that is designed for the player.

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Upvoted but this should have low priority

Don't want an arcade game but a sim, I played operation flashpoint, since that I can play other games really like you said, I like the freedom in ArmA.

It's just to give ideas for new type of mission, and if you're not OK with knives I can understand but it's can happen in real life.

I just don't understand why there's downvotes, we've got same idea on this feature.

And repeat that's for realism, hand signs can be usefull, I'm not a mission maker, it's just to find new waves.

So in fact we are according in same way Raoul. I hope BI community is a big family, and we can give ideas to move a step forward.

You are right on that. People should stop downvoting because the way you are going to use it might be wrong in ther eyes. The overall concept is great i use handsignals every day in the 242 nightstalkers during 2 platoon ops. Having 48 guys shouting over radio guns explosions enc hand signals are the best way to order people around.,

How about just adding the animations into the game?

ACE allready implemented this system in Arma 2 and there is allready a mod which integrates the gestures in Arma III.

But the animations are horrible in these mods.

And since BIS has got its own motion capture studio they could simply integrate the proper animations into the game. Ready for us to use.

It saves work for both sides while integrating a great feature.


For me all that can ba add without mods is better, ACE is really good but too buggy. A system like that is really good, need ideas to integrate it with keys to be simple and efficient.

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Also when put in stealth the AI whisper but its still audible. Vote this up.

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I am only looking for 3 basic functional hand signals:


Point: basic human gesture.
Hold: fist at ear level.
Move: open palm chopping motion.

The benefits of these three simple gestures are immense. We do not need the full repertoire of military hand signals. Most people are immediately familiar with these three signals from life and Hollywood movies.

If nothing else, add pointing. Just that simple gesture will make it so much easier to ID targets your team may not have seen.

IMO, this should be high priority. Here's why:

AI: Players watching the AI can now make better judgement of their intentions and awareness.

MP: Players can now communicate effectively in the heat of battle without using VoN which can be problematic at the best of times (language, time of day, confidence, disability, no mic, age prejudice, e.t.c).

This makes a huge difference to gameplay and therefore it should be high priority. Come on Bohemia, think about it. Just a pointing animation. Easy.


The pictures is not a list of wishes, it's just examples of differents hand signals. I agree with you to reduce the number to keep the essential, what you suggested is good but you missed suppression.

Imagine the buzz of being within visual of someone yet it being too risky to use voice communication yet being able to use hand signals to communicate.

Would add a whole new level of realism into the game which would enhance the experience with no worry of "simulation fever" taking hold.

When I have thought about this before, I have thought of a system with fewer commands with key binds allocated to them.

If going for a more "complete" set of hand signals, maybe a command rose would be appropriate or maybe just use the existing menu system to select what you want to do but either way, would be nice to be able to "stack" signals so for example:

"2, Left"
"Eyes, Ahead"

etc etc.

The VTS previously referred to is this:

VTS Simple gesture commo rose -

provides a quick, no bs way to use gestures in game, multiplayer compatible with people who don't have the addon!

they have 8 basic gestures that i believe are built into the game already: Cover, Move, Point, Freeze, Cease, Come, Yes, No.


I guess the ability to control AI using the hand gestures is broken ATM form the latest update, but sounds like mp still works

+1 for the commo rose. Much easier to use than the numpad buttons.

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Did you know the Taliban and Al Queda would love something like to train their troops? Use a game with real or simulated hand signals and use that for training?

I had the same complaint before but think of the security situation the real world is in right now.

The Taliban and Al-Queda can already get images and videos of hand signals, they just have to Google something like "military hand signals".

they are talking about? Taliban, please stop the stupidity and mature! It's a great idea to add sign in any way and is there any mod about it

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The current animations are partly not correct, incomplete.

I would much more prefer a hand sign content and code after USMC or Army doctrine though !

This complexity shown in the topic is just ridiculuos.