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Incomplete text fonts
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The text in the GUI menu titles is incomplete and therefore illegible.

This is also the case with ingame messages, including chat, server messages and mission info.

It happens regardless of graphics settings and resolution.


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Unknown as the cause is unknown. I have made a video of the issue and uploaded it to my YouTube channel:

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I changed the properties by deselecting visual themes desktop composition and scaling on high DPI settings in the shortcut and the problem was resolved but only for that session - it has not worked since and therefore may have been a coincidence. I have tried with the latest 2 nVidia drivers.

Every other time I have run ArmA 3 since the first alpha release this issue has occurred.

This problem renders the game pretty much unplayable as I never know what is going on right from the start menu to exiting.

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Also, fonts appear distorted at certain interface sizes.

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This has been resolved by selecting to run the game in windowed mode (when asked by the Steam interface on game launch)

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I had a similar problem on Win7 64 bit - all fonts barely legible or not legible at all. I tried many things, then I FINALLY found the cure for this problem (on my setup anyway). In the advanced video settings (I had originally let the autodetect settings configure the graphics settings) I had to change the aspect ratio to one which is not normally associated with the screen resolution I was using. Cleared EVERYTHING up immediately! Didn't even have to restart...
No guarantee it would work for anyone else , but you might try playing with these settings a bit.