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Incorporate more realistic/futuristic aircraft countermeasures
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Recommend adding the Directional Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) into aircraft. This isn't necessarily a futuristic thing to add since its already in service in the U.S. military. I'm sure you can find enough information (publicly available) to attempt to add this into the simulation. This system essentially detects an infrared homing (heat seeking - tracking the heat emitted from the aircraft's exhaust) missile, locks onto the missiles sensor aperture and fires a laser beam to confuse it's targeting solution. Basically, it detects the missile, shoots it with a laser and the missile explodes a safe distance from the aircraft. This may seem to give the aircraft an unfair advantage, but I'm sure other forces are already developing weapons to defeat this type of technology. Given the setting that Arma 3 takes place in, the enemy would possible already have developed said technology. Another option would be to incorporate a piece of older technology that is still in use by today's military forces. This would be the ALQ series infrared transmitters that basically shoot out infrared radiation around the aircraft to create a larger infrared signature so the missiles can not pinpoint the aircraft's exhaust. The ALQ system is typically combined with the AN/ALE system that detects missiles, tells you which direction they are coming from and automatically begins dispensing chaff/flares.


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While piloting a helicopter get shot at by AA and watch what happens.

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