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Clipping with rocks!
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If you swim in to a rock by using a, d, z or x, you can clip through a rock under water and get inside it. However it only works on some rocks. {F20364} {F20365} {F20366} {F20367}


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Use diving gear, go under water, swim next to or above a rock, then swim in to it with z, x, a or d. This results in you getting in to the rock.

One of the rocks this works on is in jay cove, at grid 022011

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I have reported this issue before but it still remains. But it works on less rocks now than before.

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For description of the rock check picture 2013-06-26 00004.jpg

I also mannaged to look true a Rock when staying very close to the shore and then turning around.

With a Diver Soldier.