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Horrible effect on 3D scopes
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This one is pretty much self explained in the attached image. {F20356}


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It's not something you would likely see easily, only seems reproducible at night when a light source is directly behind you, and you are viewing through the scoped sight.

Try it yourself, and move the scope around a bit, it can be pretty distracting, and off putting.

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Nothing major, just thought I would point it out, maybe just fix it if and when time permits?

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You would have glare in real life too.

@CutterSlade If I'm not mistaken, military sights are coated with some sort of anti-glare material to alleviate this issue.

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You would not get glare on the scope from a light source behind you as your head would be blocking it. And as supercereal4 said, they are anti-glare for the times when the light would be coming in at a angle.