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Boats stop way too slow.
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We have a speedboat in my family. When we're out and going around 100 km/h, we can easily stop the boat to 0 km/h with not more than 20 meters stopping distance. In game, the speedboat seems to take more than 100 meters to stop from full speed.

It's the water that does it all. A boat can't go through water without constant force. So if the engine stops, the water slows the boat down very quickly.

I would very much like this to be adjusted, since it really annoys me to see how hard it is to stop a speedboat in this game. I don't know how the much more weight that a military speedboat has because of guns and ammo, and how that would affect the stopping distance. But I don't believe that the current stopping distance is even close to correct.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. open the editor
  2. place down a speedboat with you as driver
  3. Go to max speed
  4. stop as fast as you can (observe how long it takes for the boat to stop)

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Hopefully it will be adressed regarding the full-speed issue aswell:

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Related if not duplicate of #664.

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AI also usually drives high speed to nearby cliffs killing all in the boat, if it is trying to follow "transport unload"-waypoint set on beach.

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@pops Defiently not a duplicate, but related it is.

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Most speedboats have propeller/s directly in the water, if you shift the morse controls into neutral position the propeller then generates drag in the water, you also have the ability to put the boat in reverse and throttle up which provides massive braking effect.

However the speedboats in the game are shallow draught boats like PBR for coastal waters and rivers, as such they don’t have propellers in the water they have impellors (aka pumps) which suck water from underneath the boat and push it out of the back of the boat while steering is achieved by vectoring the water jets to supply steering (like a jet ski), as a result “reversing” can only be achieved by clamshells which close over the water jets and effectively divert the water backwards which is very inefficient, thus water-jet boats have limited reversing speed/power in comparison to forwards or to conventional propellers which much more efficient in reversing.

A water jet drive:

Also as the underneath of the boat is free from propeller/s and rudder/s their momentum will carry them for longer, as they don’t have the drag, however I do feel that should slow a little faster initially until they drop off the plane and into the displacement phase, however if they did things to fully work like water jet drive boat then you would probably get lots of people complaining, you would also need to be able to operate the throttles of each engine individually and remember things like at speed to turn sharply you actually need to throttle up as with little or no water being pumped out of the back you have NO steering!