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Expanded firing drills
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The current firing drills just reward you for speed. It's a training for movement speed more than firing.

A vital aspect of real missions is left out: Spotting enemies, engaging them, especially from distance, and doing so accurately.

Therefore, I propose additional firing drills that have spotting and accurate firing as their main goal, not speed.

As an example: The player moves about on a rise near the town. In the town, targets pop up from time to time. The player is not informed about those targets, and has to find them himself, and shoot them. At the end of the course, the score is determined by the number of targets the player shot, not the time he took. An element of pressure can be introduced by popping up the targets for brief periods of time.


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+1 Good idea! Maybe it is planned in the full release...

i would also like to see 2-player coop firing drills.
something like you suggested would be functional for co-op, as the drills we have now are to tight and to "fast" to make use of cooperative play.

so, nice idea, but there are literally hundreds of more important things to add and improve at this stage!

I agree. Drills for accuracy would be nice!

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I enjoyed the kill house in ArmAII/OA so why not have one here? Why not have expanded versions as suggested? Maybe even kill houses that aim to teach certain skills such as breaching and overwatch etc.