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Waypoints for fireteams (assigned by color) as in High command mode
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Playing in command of AI is such a fun in Arma series,especially when its possible to make own missions scenarios. And as far as Arma is tactical game it would be just great to have a possibility to make a complex plan of attacking or defending, ambush (maybe) by using of multiple waypoints. I know It was possible in Arma 2. But i mean to make it scale of squad which under dirrect command of player. Its like i splitted my squad into pairs and made first pair to flank left,hold possition for a while for observation then proceed and enter some building, second one - to flank right and so on.. And also would be a great feature to add few types of action at the end of waypoint. For example: 1) move to house and fire into it with AT or to throw a grenade or to enter it... Just to make more control of AI actions


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Waypoints and commands should be released on signal. Means:
1.) You command your fireteam to 'move to position xy on my sign'.

(Then you command another fireteam 'move to position yz on my sign'.)

2.) You give command 'All units go.'

Maybe different signs are necessary, so you could say 'move to position xy on alpha (bravo, charlie, ...)'.

This concept is nice to find in commanding of fireteams. But more important it is in high command.

We need waypoints for ai when acting as a fireteam lead/commander, please make this an option BIS.

To my point of view this feature will expand the variety of tactical possibilities when commanding ai squad. Also as far as i remember in Arma 2 was some community made addon ( sorry don't remember the name )which provided something similar to that but not exactly.

Please watch the issue 10854 ( if you get several emails about this (-> 10355) issue.

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With all due respect, i think there are facts you have not considered.
Аrma is a simulator, not a tactical shooter.
Orders are given to the bots at the task level, and do not control the actions of men.
Need to develop new tactical schemes and cooperation between divisions.
Thank you for cooperating.