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Force feedback problems while firing at the begining
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Firing during the first seconds of a game activate my joystick force feedback (Microsoft sidewinder force feedback 2).
The problem disappear after a few seconds.
No problem like this while playing ArmA 2
Here is a video showing the problem:


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Steps To Reproduce

Place an infantry unit in the editor, make a preview, and fire.
Sometimes the problem appears, sometimes not.

Additional Information

Microsoft sidewinder Force feedback 2
+ Thrustmaster Warthog
+ track ir

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At the base of the hand grip at the front in the centre is a small hole <2mm diameter which contains an optical eye that senses when your hand is on the joystick, so if you’re not holding the joystick FFB should be OFF, in essence IF you hand is not covering/near the hole then the joystick should offer no resistance what so ever and should just be floppy.

If it has resistance and keeps wanting to return to the centre when on e.g. if you push the top of the stick with you finger near the hat switch then in all likelihood there is some dirt or something in the little hole fooling the joystick into thinking your hand is on it that activating the FFB.

I used a MS SW FFB2, its only configured for flying, but I have seen this.