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Too many light sources cause various issues with shadows and lighting
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This is a major graphical issue that seems to involve light sources. I'm not sure if all of the attached screenshots are showcasing the same problem, but they're all caused when enough light sources are present. {F20309} {F20310} {F20311} {F20312}


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Repro for extra dark night (1st attachment (2nd compares)):

Start up Night Showcase
Look towards lighthouse, helicopter, and moon.
At some point as the boat approaches the coast the screen should begin to flash between regular night and an almost light-less night

Repro for floating vegetation (3rd attachment):

Ensure plants and veg are turned on
Create light sources in the world near vegetation (only two chemlights and some flashlights caused this in my experience)
Continue until white floating vegetation appears

Blue NVGs (4th attachment):

Create light sources in the world until NVGs break. (4-6 or so chems, a pair of APC headlights, a world floodlight, and maybe a few flashlights in my experience)

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I've tried changing settings, including turning down shadows, PiP, and dynamic lights, to no avail.

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