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Marid APC lacks turn out option for driver or gunner positions
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The OPFOR Marid APC lacks the option for either the driver or gunner to turn out of the vehicle. Hatches do appear to be modelled on the vehicle and the BLUFOR APC has this option so it seems to have been an oversight?

Footage of the hatches of the ARMA being open: {F20300}


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For the driver, I can understand. But for the gunner, it would seem odd, since it would be right where the turret would be pointing. Upvoted nonetheless.

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Ah, fixed the title. Every single time I see Marid I read it as Madrid.

At least with the BLUFOR APC, when the gunner turns out the turret it automatically rotated and locked forward. Because of the hatches positioning, it would make sense for the same thing to happen on the Marid.

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Ticket can probably be closed seeing as the driver and added commanders slot can turnout out and hatch animations have been synced on dev.

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Drivers and commanders slots were added