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Continuous Horn Sound
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Noticed with the addition of horns to vehicles, but also noticed that they're just some short recorded version. It's a small request, but having horns that stay on the whole time you're pressing the horn button would be nice. It ruins the immersion for me a bit, and also horn signals could be used that way. (Done in Battlefield plenty of times). If it can be done in games like Battlefield and various trucking and train simulators, couldn't it be done here?


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-Open Arma 3 Beta.
-Open Editor.
-Place unit.
-Place empty transport vehicle/MRAP.
-get in as driver.
-click left mouse button and listen to the horn.

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Short version with delay can't fix any "horn spamming/trolling issue" ruin immersion and create really bad sound for some vehicle like the Strider and get really bad effect for truck.
A lot of game handle this possibility.

I don't think "horn spamming" is a reasonable counter-argument.
If someone wants to piss everybody up he has enough other possibilities.

Or he can just continuously use the horn by spamming the button and its even more boring the repeating horn than the non stop one, anyway for spamming VOIP is already a spammer paradise.

I know this sounds very minor but I think it would really add to immersion.
And creating a loopable horn sound should not be that difficult.

Couldn't the new sound loop command be used for this?