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AI walk in circles when transitioning from coast/water to land.
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When infantry (either disembarking from a boat, or divers who swam) transition from moving in water to moving on ground, they begin to walk in circles, and do not break from the loop, under any known conditions.

EDIT: This may or may not be related to all the tickets submitted concerning APC's inabilities to transition from coastline to land. If so, could someone close this ticket?


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Steps To Reproduce

(With Dive Team:)
Place dive team 10 units underwater. Place a waypoint on solid coastline. Observe what happens when they partially "break" the surface.

(With Infantry:)
Place Infantry on boat. Place "move" waypoint as close to coast as possible (yet still in water). Place "get out" waypoint on definite solid ground of coast. Infantry should disembark boat at the "move" waypoint, and move on foot to "get out" waypoint. Units should begin wandering in circles, with zero forward motion.

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