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Submarine monitors dont work
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If u get in a submarine as gunner... the monitor of the driver and the monitor in front of the gunner doesn't work. If you get in as driver both monitors work !


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The SDV has to be turned ON first, which can only be done by the driver, once it is on you can switch to the gunners seat or even get out and get back in as gunner and it will be on until a driver turns it off.

But given the width of the SDV it should be possible for the gunner to turn it on/off by the mouse wheel menu though if there is no driver

Cannot reproduce.

This seems to be working as intended, if the engines aren't on in the SDV, the screens will not work. If you get in as driver, any small mouse movement will turn the engines on. Please confirm that the screens work in the gunner seat when the SDV engines are on.

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if i get in as Driver and turn the engine on both monitors work, but i tested the submarine in multiplayer and if i or my mate switch to the gunners seat we only see black screens, same time the Driver see both Monitors :P the only thing i see are 2 pink stripes on the monitor

sry i take a Screenshot at the weekend :P

Please do. I'm currently observing that as long as the engine is on, both the driver and the gunner can see the working monitors.

Screenshots appreciated.

In video settings in the game, change the "PiP" setting up. It worked for me. I hope this helped.

ok now i can't reproduce it by myself -.-