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CH-49 Mohawk's back ramp not working
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My feature request is that there will be a back ramp that can be lowered on the CH-49 and any onther chopper or plane that would have it since it makes for at bit more realistic entry if you can board it by walking in the back of it and then secleting your seat from there

And sorry for my spelling mistakes :)


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The Ch-49 Mohawk is the biggest transport chopper available at this point in the game. It is totally unarmed and lacks certain features which if added could make this helicopter a real force multiplier. Not only should the ramp be working but the soldiers should be able to rapidly exit/enter through it, 2 at a time which basically means that there should be two columns of soldiers exiting or entering through the rear instead of one soldier (at a time) entering through the side door which is the current procedure. Also if supply/ammo crates, quadbike(s) and other internal cargo could be carried, it would be nice to have them rollout through this rear ramp door (for both air drops and supply when the helicopter is on ground). Another feature would be the ability to carried external cargo and light vehicles.

Th back ramp will likely come, when moving vehicle doors come back. Until then, it will not happen. Moving door were removed in the beta so that they could be be fixed up as they had many bugs.
Until then, a script can open vehicle doors and may be able to open the back door of the CH-49/ Merlin.

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The doors are already animated and the animation can be scripted.

When will this issue be resolved? It has been so many months.

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Maybe for helicopters Dlc

I really do hope so.

doors have been opening since 1.20

There are scripts for the door to be opened and also for loading cargo however these are just animations and the player can't walk into the helicopter through the ramp; there is an invisible wall.