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Add a laser designator to the RAH-99 Blackfoot gunner and to the Mi-48 Kajman
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The attack choppers should be given laser designators, seeing as most modern attack choppers of today have them, then so should attach choppers in 2035.
Especially the RAH-99 Blackfoot which is based over the RAH-66 Comanche, who was designed to be a scouting chopper that would mark targets with its laser for the Apache to lock onto.


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In ArmA 2, even the huey transport chopper had a laser designator. As of today(2013), laser designators are getting pretty integrated in other military hardware such as ground vehicles, and surely in 2035 they will be available in all attack choppers.
The Apache which is an attack helicopter does have a laser designator too, for example. (In real life)

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Mi-48 - anti-tank rockets(skalpel?) would be laser guided and radar guided(by clicking on stuff and then it would lock on target[tab would go]), unguided rockets will be controlled by the pilot
AH-99 - all rockets controlled by the gunner, furthermore DAGR's would be guided ONLY by laser(and it would work like that also in KA-60... or OC-30? OK-30? don't remember :P - which would need the copilot to control the laser), as they are in real life. It would balance the sheer amount of them to MI-48 having only 8, and would give the possibility to accurately target without the cooperation with the pilot, and it be more interesting and realistic.

Moreover about countermeasures:

Also, please make it so that the pilot stays still when the gunner is lasing a target.

In "ARMA 2", the pilot would start flying around erratically when the gunner painted a target, as if he were having an epileptic seizure.

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Yeah that I agree, ACE had it nicely. When you've turned on the laser the AI slowed down and tried to point the helicopter into the direction of the laser.

please see this ticket for the whole package:


Also the DAGR missiles are laser guided as well and the Laser would be used to lay the cannon (zero) for different ranges.

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Arma 3 equipment is a step down from modern technology but it is in the future???

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Bump? Even the Xi'an gunship has a laser.

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+1, I would absolutely love to see a laser in the Blackfoot AND the Wipeout, a simple addition as well!