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While using manual fire as a pilot, you can't lock onto targets. (Unless you have an AI gunner)
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As a pilot in the RAH-99 Blackfoot or the Mi-48 Kajman, you have the "Manual fire" option, which allows you to control the weapon system on the helicopter. (Rotary cannon, guided missiles and unguided missiles)

However, you can not lock onto targets using manual fire(whether by pressing the tab key; clicking the right mouse button or pressing and holding the right mouse button)
You can still shoot your missiles, but they will be shot straight like dumb rockets.

However, if you have an AI gunner and are using manual fire, you are able to lock onto targets and fire on them.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn a Blackfoot chopper or Mi-48 and a playable soldier. Spawn some enemy vehicles and choppers somewhere.
  2. Enter the chopper as a pilot and fly to the enemy locations, enable Manual fire, switch to your DAGR missiles(if in the blackfoot) or the AG missiles that the Mi-48 has, try to lock onto the targets by right clicking or pressing the tab key, but you'll see that nothing happens)

If you have a blackfoot, you can switch to the ASRAAM Air to air missiles and you wont be able to lock onto the enemy choppers.
If you have a rotary cannon, you wont be able to lock onto anything and wont have the marker on the box that shows when to shoot.

If you repeat those steps but with an AI gunner with you, you'll see that you can lock onto the various targets fine.

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I get this as well, happens on Multiplayer because no AI gunners. Also when I fire the chain gun it only fires for a short burst then I no longer have control of firing. (Menu still says I am in manual fire mode)

I know the Blackfoot/ comanche has weapon controls for the pilot in real life, but what of the Mi and Ka aircraft?