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SDV PIP & periscope misaligned, 3d periscope head misaligned with sea-level, periscope viewpoint to high vs. 3d periscope.
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The “gunners” position of the SDV submarine has vertical misalignment between the PIP display crosshair and the periscope optics view which increases with vertical angle above horizontal (I.e. it’s not a constant error but one that multiplies with angle above horizontal)

From my quick calculations using the angle display in the periscope optics view:
Horizontal is approximately 2.67deg above the current 0deg horizontal point in the periscope optics view using sea level on a wall 194m away.
With the periscope optics view at 0deg the PIP display about agree with each other, however this point is ~ <23m in front of the SDV.

With the PIP targeted on the top of a red/white water tower 370m away the optics view are only just above true horizontal. (sdv2.jpg)

With the optics view sighted on the top of the red/white water tower the PIP end up pointing at the sky. (sdv3.jpg)

With the PIP targeted on the building on top of the little hill in sdv4.jpg the arrow shows the approximate location where the optics view is cantered.

With the optics view sighted on the building on top of the little hill, the PIP is flipped and has gone past vertical almost to horizontal some ~ 163deg further than the optics view has moved.

Also as the periscope 3d modal at default periscope depth is still submerged yet the PIP and optics view as being above water, this means the heights are off between the view and the modal. (sdv1.jpg)

{F20126} {F20127} {F20128} {F20129} {F20130}


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I would just like to point out that the periscope is the other stick out of SDV, not the one mentioned in the picture. And it is correctly aligned with water surface.

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And what is the one pointed out in the picture supposed to be?

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Are you sure the long thin one is not the UHF high gain aerial for the ability for radio/data coms while still submerged under water in real life (i.e. with command or with teams you would pick-up/drop-off), while the periscope is the short fat one with a T head so it has room for optics and other things in the head for IR/TI modes and ranging.

UHF on submarines normally needs at least 1meter of aerial above the water to be effective (UHF 10cm to 1m wave length) given VLF (can penetrate water to ~20m) from “hot-spots” is intrinsically incapable of voice coms and limited to one-way low bit rate txt (like SMS text messages) and well ELF (can penetrate water hundreds of meters) is literally limited to a couple of words per min.

Either way I don’t have any proof of the above so it is just logical suppositions, however the main cut and thrust was the misalignment of the PIP vs. optics.

Image (best I could find), the thin one looks precarious sticking beyond the housing unless it was a flexible aerial in comparison to how well protected the “T head” part is sat in a neat recess:

I fully agree with Your reasoning, but looking into the model itself proves something else. It may possibly be an error on side of the artist who did the vehicle, I should check that out. Thanks a lot for reporting the issue, we'll try to work on all the parts as possible.