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AH-99 Blackfoot (Comanche) damage too low
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Whenever I am the gunner on the Comanche using the HE explosives on the 20mm gatling cannon, I hardly kill any infantry, even when they're in a big group and some of the rounds are actually hitting them straight on! The damage needs to be upped majorly, or the gatling gun is going to be absolutely useless. Even the MI-48's damage seems to be off for the gatling gun.


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Totally agree. Also the guided missle on the AH-99 is very low on its damage. Firing a 3 missiles into an IFRIT should be overkill, not just enough to destroy it.

Firing one missile into the armored vehicle does not do anything but take out its wheels.

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The rockets ih AH-99 are fine as it is, it's got plenty of them. The gatling guns... might need just A BIT more punch to the infantry.

Edit. tested... nah, fine as it is.

The 20mm HEI rounds damage is still way to low. The effective kill/incapacitate range is about 2m. I have put countless rounds within that range and still have AI standing around. Putting 10 rounds all within 10 feet of AI should definitely kill them. Just the concussion from the blasts would seriously injury/disorient a person.

I do agree that work on the rockets is fine now. They have been well rendered and all the characteristics seem to work.

I just started the editor. I put 2 large groups of OPFOR on the ground and a AH-99 flying in on "SEARCH AND DESTROY". I watched it easily put 100 rounds or more into the group with 2 or three dead bodies after.

I actually watch a guy get directly hit with three rounds, who knelt and went prone before getting back up. This issue needs to be addressed.

Yeah, the gatling gun is pretty much a rapid fire smoke launcher, if you don't hit them in the face, they're not going down.

The missiles are fine, but the Gattling gun is seriously underpowered (especially against infantery).

Right now you need to hit infantery dead on in order to hit them. Realistically just the round whipping past them would knock them unconscious, let alone the explosion next to them when the round hits the ground.

The gattling gun's rounds need a splash damage effect for infantery. Doesn't need to be insta-kill, as long as it does SOME damage.

20mm still WAY underpowered. Why does my gunner stick 50 rounds at one target and maybe it is down after? One round hitting a person should kill them. Some splash damage of a few round exploding on the ground within 5 meters should kill someone too. Please fix this soon.

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Unfortunately, pretty much every firearm is underpowered in Arma 3 for some reason.

This affects not only 20mm autocannon.