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BETA - "Night" Showcase full of bugs
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While starting out in the boat, you can't "view" anything very well. Visibility is limited to a few feet looking into the motor or the side of the boat (I'm not talking about the fog, but a can't see outside the boat). Also, the Radio Voices repeat themselves. It gets so bad, that it repeats itself over and over and over a loop (Fox talking to Bishop). I've noticed that the other showcases repeat things at least twice. Please fix this wonderful game.


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Every time I play it.

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I just played "Night" and I can't confirm this.

Are you using any mods? CBA is known for causing the multiple radio transmissions. If you're playing with any mods, can you try playing it without any mods and see if the same happens?

I can't confirm this either, I've played through the mission a few times with no bugs.

I cannot reproduce this either. Could you please attach some screenshots and your RPT file (see the how to guide)?

I took -mod=@CBA_A3; -mod=@sthud; -mod=@sbe_usmc; (I only had three mods) off of the Start-up and went Vanilla. Everything works Great. Sorry about that.

Issue closed then.

No worries. Future versions of those addons might fix the compatibility issue.