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Helicopter gun dispersion too LOW
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The guns on the Blackfoot and Hamok are -way- too precise. They are shooting pin-point accurate, as if they are mounted on concrete test benches, not helicopters. The gun dispersion from helo platforms is actually rather high, and depending on the ROF and type of the gun can be as much as 20 ish meters side to side at a distance of 1500 meters.

This is a serious problem, because it makes the guns difficult to use for players, and too accurate when used by the AI against stationary targets.

Furthermore, since the start of the beta, the weapons of Orca and AH-9 are also too precise, shooting pin-point accurate. {F20035} {F20036}


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Use the cannon on either the Hamok or Blackfoot, and notice how there is no dispersion from the shots fired.

The dispersion for Orca and Pawnee is also neglible, making the guns useless both for AI and Player employment.

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Information on this topic is difficult to come by, but at least an approximation of inaccuracy should be made to ensure that these weapons feel like being mounted on helicopters, not on static ground turrets.

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Added attachments since this problem has not been resolved yet, but appears to be a simple config issue.

The orange circle describes the area at which the rounds impact at 1500 meters distance. At closer ranges they would obviously tighten up, and beyond 1500 meters they would stay within the orange circle (this is the max dispersion of the gun).

I hope the illustration suffices to show what I mean.

Note that this dispersion is apparently much lower than what you would find in real life. On actual helicopters, the dispersion from the guns (as seen in AH-64 footage from Afghanistan and Iraq, where the engagement distances were around 1500 - 2200 meters) would be spread across the entire field of view at max zoom level.

#0001747, #0001834 both related issues.

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Might be also engine related - I don't know how it worked internally in A2/OA (but it worked well), but now the ROF is severely limited by frame rate, with no apparent internal workaround (AFAIK). I just can't imagine a 2000/4000rps firing at 300rps when your framerate drops due to impact particle effects or explosions. Not even mentioning a CAS plane like A-10.