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BETA choppers don't react to water well
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I test piloted all the new choppers, and my test driving includes crash landing etc. and I learned that the new choppers don't react to water very well. Now, 3 of them have the same effect (Bounce off the water), while 1 of them has a unique effect (Hits and crashes into the water, but instantly freezes in the water and stops reacting to physics entirely until it sinks)

The 3 that bounce off the water are the Mi-48 Kajman, CH-49 Mohawk, and the UH-80 Ghosthawk. To reproduce this effect bring the helicopter in at maybe a 40 degree angle, and when you approach the water (This works at any speed btw) raise it slightly maybe to 30-35 degrees and hit the water, you won't continue to fall into the water, instead it almost seems like the water bounces you off of it. It's almost impossible to make the choppers hit the water. The only way I've been able to do it is to fly at high altitude, and fly straight down, and pull up to the 30-35 degrees, and even then all it damages is the instruments unless you do it a second time, which only then does it damage the appropriate instruments. Even if you do it a second time and it entirely destroys the chopper (Referring to diving straight down from high altitudes), it does exactly what the AH-99 does, and just sits there stagnant non-reactant to physics until it begins to sink.

As for the AH-99, I'm unsure why it doesn't do what the other choppers do, but if you try and bring this in even at a low angle, it will crash, but it will remain completely still in the water until it begins to sink, and will not move around or slide through the water as it should.


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Get into these choppers, and fly them into water with the belly of the choppers (Can be at like 35 degrees maximum I'd say) to the water.

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This isn't a major issue, but I feel it can, and most likely will be abused by people trying to evade AA or something who find themselves over water. I've also found that it doesn't really matter how deep the water you're doing this over is... I've tried it almost on land at the beach around the airfield too.

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