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AI Zamak drivers have no death state when dead in the driving position.
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If you shoot the driver of a Zamak (both types) dead he still appear to use “alive” animations of looking around etc, it’s not until you get close enough to the vehicle you will realise you can enter it as a driver, when you do enter as the driver the AI then is dead on the floor beside the cab door.

Thus it makes it imposable to tell from a distance IF the driver is dead as per with other vehicles


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In the editor:

Place a Zamak truck with a driver in.

Place a man that you will use to shoot the driver.

Shoot the driver repeatedly, he will still appear to use the “alive” animations even though dead.

You can tell when he is dead, as you can enter the Zamak truck as its driver.

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Game Version: Beta Dev

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These reports are about the same bug: #10515 #10174 and #12739
This problem still exists in 1.03.110300 (dev branch)