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HEMTT, first axle Ackerman steering angle far to great causing far to small a turning circle for such a long cumbersome vehicle.
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Just an observation, but the steering angle of the first axle of the HEMTT has far to great a steering angle which contradicts the Ackerman steering principle and that of the maximum angle attainable by a heavy driven steering axle.

Most heavy driven steering axles are in the range of >30deg to <45deg maximum steering angle either side of centre, the HEMTT has a maximum axle steering angle of 32deg which should be the maximum angle of the second steering axle on the inside of the turn, all the other steered wheels will be at less of an angle in line with the Ackerman principle given each will be describing a larger radius turn.

The HEMTT is well known for not having much turning agility in comparison to similar/comparable 8x8 trucks and known to be upward of 27.7m for the shortest variant (M983 tractor unit), 28.95m for the medium variant (M984 recovery vehicle), and 30.48m for the standard variant (M977, M985 & M978 - cargo trucks & tactical refueling tanker), NOTE: unsure if its kerb to kerb or wall to wall turning circle! {F20020}


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Game Version: Beta.

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