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The player keeps his movement and cease to respond.
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The player maintains the direction and he stays walking. It only responds to right and left.

The control of the character in the game is lost. Actions cannot be done but that to walk and to go to right and left. It does not respond to the menu of the wheel nor the commandos to crouch itself.

This problem I have verified it in games multiplayer. In the DOMINATION way.

This problem occurs some times.


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Arrancar una partida multijugador en un mapa DOMINACION.

Mantener el boton de avanzar apretado mientras se produce una carga de pantalla ó un cambio entre el mapa y el juego.

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Isn't this a duplicate of the same bug as in A2? Where double tapping the opposite direction fixed the "keep running" bug?

I don`t think so because you can only use left and right keys. Today I have the problem hosting a game.

I try to reproduce the problem by myself and report here.

On step to reproduce:

The problems is related with map change. On the map change the game locked the player and only can advance and go to the left or the right.

Change weapon fix the problem.

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