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Implement VBS2's crowd formation
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As the title says, it would be very nice to have VBS2's crowd formation, especially for civillians.
Right now, having grouped civillians walking around in military formations looks rather... weird.


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Yes! I agree, civilian crowds could be improved. :-)

Upvoted. It seems we only have the Civilian module, or can assign the Dismissed order. Neither of which is usable for a crowd of demonstrators, or a refugee group moving across the country-side.

Yes, this should absolutely be in in. I would actually be happy using this for troops. I hate seeing an enemy group running over a hill in a perfect wedge.

BTW, could anyone briefly describe/screenshot the crowd formation from VBS2?


here, have a look at around 5:45

The crowd formation sometimes crashes my VBS2.0 tho, so it may still be buggy in the original form meaning more work for the devs...


Thanks, it seem to work as I expected. Definitely need this for Arma 3

I need something like this for one of my missions.
So I googled "ARMA 3 formation crowd" and THIS ticket popped up in the search results :-s

Really need this!