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Avoidable freeze: game freezes whenever both Nostromo and Orbweaver keypads are plugged in at once
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Whenever I plug my Nostromo and Orbweaver keypads in at the same time the game freezes. However the moment I unplug one of them the game instantly returns to working normally again.

I’d say I’m probably the only person in the world with both of these plugged in at the same time and can’t reproduce the freeze with any other USB devices I’ve got. As such unless other users experience problems with multiple USB devices freezing the game this may not really need to be addressed right now since I only need to have one keypad plugged in at a time.

If I plug both in while the game is running it instantly freezes and the moment I unplug one the game unfreezes. If I try to start the game with both plugged in the splash screen does initial loading and the game starts up but stops at the dark “ARMA ALPHA” screen before the menu is supposed to appear. It is frozen indefinitely but if I unplug either device the game resumes loading normally and continues to the menu after about 15-45 seconds of loading which is what it normally takes to get to the menu.

It’s like clockwork. If I plug them both in anything the game does just ceases and the moment I pop one out it resumes.

Unless similar reports pop up I can simply play the game with only one keypad plugged in right now though.


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Plug a Nostromo and Orbweaver keypad into your computer by USB at the same time and watch the game freeze.

Probably impossible to reproduce without having both of these keypads though.

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Just found this, been trying all day to try fix the freezing, just (kind of) glad to know im not the only one lol

the only fix still is as posted, unplug one