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Allow waypoints easily be managed when attached to objects (buildings, vehicles etc) and group looking direction.
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Now example every building has a single control point middle of the building and when attaching waypoint to building, it is hard to select again as building and waypoint flickers (pressing shift allows to select object easily but not waypoint).

The problem comes clearly up when player needs to manage multiple waypoints in same object. Selecting, deleting or adding new ones is very frustrating and often causes to delete wrong one or edit some other existing waypoint.

In ARMA III developers added nice red block to tell player that waypoint is attached to object. I want to take that idea further, to allow player easily see how many different groups have waypoints in object and how many each group has waypoints in objects. It as well would inform player with colors each waypoint status (RED/GREEN/YELLOW/BLUE etc) what is informative when managing complex urban combats.

I let the picture tell the idea:

In the mockup, there is waypoints from three different groups attached to same building. Group 1 has four waypoints, Group 2 one waypoint and Group 3 three waypoints (this is just example).

In editor player could easily select any waypoint attached to object and edit or delete it. Like hovering over block and pressing delete would remove it, as well dragging synchronize line from trigger or other waypoint would be possible.

I came up with this problem when editing a ambush in urban environment where I wanted to get first squad to enter building and take good position and then hold fire and stay down until enemy units reach trigger close building when squad would then change combat status and even position in building to engage targets a specific time and then get back to cover inside building before possible surviving enemy can engage them.
Or when I wanted to get indoor combat between few soldiers.

I found it too difficult to manage more than two waypoints attached to objects as if I gave wrong position or wrong status, I needed to delete all and start from scratch. This would as well fix the "flickering" when selecting waypoint as object and waypoint overlaps each other and it would be easy to just click the color box.

(There is as well colorful arcs on normal waypoints for player to see "this setDir xxx;" or "look at direction -kind" script direction and colors are informing as well the combat status. But it doesn't really belong to this as idea was to give player easy way give direction/heading and I came up with other idea from what I made separate ticket #9421.) {F19862}


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Your idea with columns confuses me just as bad. But Up-voting because anything would be better than current system.

Please add some way to access the individual waypoints if they are stacked on a building.