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New options/features in the editor
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I think the editor should have new options. The options I'll suggest are not of great importance, but I think that if there were available, would be very useful, not only because it would facilitate the creation of missions as well as make it more dynamic. My suggestions are:

  • Calibrate the editor's map (sometimes the object isn't in the position that I expected - especially when I want to put it on a surface that isn't the ground);
  • Add a filter to distinguish the ground floor of the first floor, the second floor etc;
  • Create a high-resolution map;
  • Incorporate the height calculation system that has in game map, as well as a filter for the distance from the ground and the distance in relation to mean sea level (to help better adjust the placement of objects);

These are some of the new options/features I remember that I'd like to see in the editor


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These suggestions are intended to improve the editor's experience, making it easier, intuitive and dynamic. Many of these suggestions are possible to accomplish, but, for example, when we want to put something inside a building, I do not know if the object is at the height or if it is inside/blocked a/in a wall.

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