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Flare round jittering when you shooting it directly into the ground or buildings (with video).
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When shooting flare round from any GL rifle right in the ground or into any building. The model itself gets stuck, while flare effect is a bit more offset upwards from the model.

The flare effect should be moved to the model of flare and flare as well should not jitter when it's stuck in the ground, also it shot bounce off the buildings properly, right now it doesn't bounce off the buildings...

{F19814} {F19815}


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Just shoot flare in the ground at night (first, shoot under yourself, then shoot to any building so you could see it)

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Also, remake the physical properties of every GL grenade, many of them fall under the ground half way and flare jitters are caused by very wrong collision model of the flare prop itself...

Watch bug demonstration video

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I was going to add a handy pic of the bug but couldnt figure out how to change my characters gear soooo... yea


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Thank you for your feedback!