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[Feature Request] Introduce new side - sideFFA: Side Free For All
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I want to request to introduce new special side in ArmA 3 that will allow players of this side be enemies to each other (get positive score for killing) and be able to get into same vehicles. More and more gamemodes aim for free for all play instead of classic BLUFOR vs OPFOR vs Independent and this new side will solve all the problems with letting players engage each other as well as to form sporadic alliances with each other.

sideEnemy is not a solution to the problem because renegade players cannot get into same vehicles by normal means.

Since sideFFA will probably be "virtual" side and createGroup will not work with it, we will need a new scripting command to move unit into FFA state and out, I suggest the following syntax:

<unit> setFFA <state>

<unit> - Object
<state> - Boolean

This addition will enable such game modes as Wasteland or DayZ-like missions where players go by themselves to kill each other and get positive score for it yet be able to team up and use same vehicles.


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Please stop trolling at the feedback tracker, AD2001.

SaMatra, this is a great idea.

I'm not a fan of free for all scenarios, but I'll vote up, for the sake of fluid BLUFOR/OPFOR assignment for various factions. It would permit some interesting scenarios, where for example US (normally BLUFOR) together with Russia (normally OPFOR) launch a joint op, against some hated by everyone badguys.

There was a military sim or strategy game before, where the scenario editor gave you just two boxes, Blue and Red, and a list of available factions. It was up to a scenario designer, to put factions into the boxes, thus defining alliances and hostilities between them.

Arma could use more such boxes, for example:

  • BLUFOR and OPFOR, hostile to each other by default;
  • Independent, with a current setting "friendly to...";
  • always hostile box, factions put here are hostile to everyone else,
  • always friendly/neutral box, for civilians or possible story-related factions.
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Thanks for input, armapirx. These things can be manipulated with setFriend scripting command (west setFriend [east, 1]; east setFriend [west, 1]; will make BLUFOR and OPFOR friends). The problem is that there is no way to let players be hostile to each other AND be able to get into same vehicle by the design, I think that such possibility should be added.

What if a scenario designer wants to have a BLUFOR and OPFOR factions working together against another OPFOR faction?

Throwing all factions into "always hostile" box would produce the behaviour you want. Everyone is hostile to everyone (because of hostile status) and can use whatever equipment found on the map (because of being on the same "side").


I agree side relations are way too limited. Disabling rating doesnt help in all cases. For complex scenarios it would be helpful to have either more sides (not likely after so many years) or the ability to setFriend on units/group level instead of a whole side.