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Unable to rearm TRG-20 TRG-21 from ammo crates
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Searched but could not find any relevant topics. My apologies if this is a known issue I have overlooked.

Attempting to load TRG-20 or TRG-21s with applicable 5.56 magazines from a BLUFOR ammo box results in no change in weapon state, weapon still unable to fire due to no ammo present, pressing reload does not load in any magazines. Tooltip states 5.56 goes to the TRG-20 and TRG-21 how ever when these magazines are in player inventory the weapon is still empty. Attempted to load all available magazine types from all ammo boxes including OPFOR boxes, weapon was still unusable. {F19771}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start Editor
  2. Place single soldier
  3. Place BLUFOR Basic Weapons box
  4. Preview
  5. While in game replace default primary weapon with either TRG-20 or TRG-21
  6. Add applicable ammo for TRG-20 or TRG-21 to player inventory
  7. Observe weapon has 0 ammo on ammo counter no matter how many magazines are loaded into player inventory.
Additional Information

Was trying to practice with all types of weapons until I tried out the TRG models which I was unable to use since the ammo was never able to be loaded into the weapon.

Tested on both non developmental and developmental branch versions from steam properties.

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The very same thing happened when they rechambered the MXM from 7.62mm to 6.5mm...

I think this is a mistake in the tooltip only? They are 6.5mm rounds, as stated on the top line. The info that follows on lines 2-4 regarding 5.56mm and gun suitability is probably incorrect.

If you create a mission in the editor with a Diver with an SDAR and its corresponding 5.56mm ammo, then switch to a TRG-2x, you'll find that you can fire those rounds.

The real problem is that "BLUFOR Basic Weapons" crates contain 5.56mm TRG's, yet no 5.56mm mags, only 6.5mm ones, because they forgot to change them when they rechambered the weapon in the last update.

Mustang-242 is right, they induced an error about the caliber in the tooltip and forgot to remove the TRG's from the "Used in" list, but that's a separate issue.

BIS, if you spontaneously decide to rechamber weapons, please also update crates when applicable. Thanks in advance.