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[Feature request] Destroyed models of static weaponry
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All ArmA games always had these darkened-texture ones models that should be changed for detailed one models. But what I noticed is that there aren't any - even darkened-texture over static weaponry as mortars.

What I suggest is to make detailed ones - like not smoldered but dirty piece of trashed mortars/HMG/artillery in pieces. Final effect should be like Iron Front scrap metal but with signs of explosion and - of course - not physically interacting one (but if it's possible then why not?).

BTW thrashing static defense/weaponry with MTBs would be woow but might be out of scope for this game.


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Yesterdays update changelog:

  • Damaged static weapon now look damaged

I guess it is resolved now?

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Can you test it? I bet it's just a black mortar.

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Rust colour with smoke, the smoke does become detached and spawns in the air if the mortar is not in the original position when destroyed.