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No gibs in latest installment
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After A3 updated to 0.58 I've noticed gibs. Right now there aren't any - and I play vanilla A3.


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Put yourself on the map with rifle and your victim, shot him and see if gibs happen.

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Make gibs appear only on crucial parts of body. There won't always be blood effect like this the same - especially shot after shot.
Simulation few different effects on hits would look more complete.

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There currently seem to be two types of "blood splatter" in the game:

  • The regular "blood" that you see when a unit gets shot
  • The "chunks of meat" hit effect that you see when a unit gets shot with a high caliber weapon

Is the second effect what you refer to as "gibs" and you think has gone missing? It's still in the game, grab a sniper rifle and shoot someone with it and you should see it.

I've reinstalled whole game to updated version and now there are "chunks of meat". When update was published I've also seen something as blood mist but im unsure if this was in build update or did I had @BloodMist mod ON. Had to turn it off because it gives weird effect on my dev build.

I'll take that as everything is working as expected. As for the blood mist, you can create a new ticket for that. :)