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Force/Tweak AI to use appropriate weapons
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-Snipers will pull out pistols while enemies or out at 200M+ and use them when given an 'Open Fire" command as opposed to their rifles.

-Frogmen can't seem to switch ammo types so if given UW ammo and then coming up to land -they're stuck with the vastly inferior UW ammo even if standard ammo is in their inventory.

-AT sometimes still much weapon switching when confronted with a sure-bet armour threat.


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AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

-Send a sniper over a ridgeline in stealth and prone with enemies at 200m, give the Open Up command and often his will pull his pistol.

-Send a Frogman to shore to fight after leaving the water.

-AT pretty self explanatory but probably the most reliable of the 3.

Additional Information

At the least, please return control of both ammo-type/weapon we'd like our AI to use and perhaps an easier way to quickly modify this behavior for pure AI groups.

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work in progress

Thank you guys :)

oukej added a comment.Jun 3 2014, 5:54 PM

An update - are there any other "inappropriate weapon choice" issues?

We have the divers and inability to switch ammo types

AI sometimes having a bad day with an AT -

And I wasn't rly able to reproduce the issue with snipers, they've usually used pistol only in <100m distance and to an advantage - they were more capable of killing me than with low fire rate AMRs. Could you please check if it is still happening or provide more info/repro mission?

Thank you!