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Buildings without Physx too weak
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When using minigun against ANY building, it wont break, when using a rocket pod (DGAR) most of the buildings (mostly small ones) will break in one shot in a pre-made destroyed model.

I know that was made to avoid Framedrops, but when you see the video of how it happends, i actually wish for Physx to also affect buildings.

This does NOT happends with the DAR in the AH-6, they act just like how they should be.


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You could use sony vegas pro for your video and export it as mp4

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I had total 10gb video clips and when I used sony vegas it lowered it to 100-600mb

i dont have vegas, unless anyone can tell me how to reduce 2 gb to something i can upload to YT i cant show how weak the buildings are, but you can use the KA-60 and DAGR and 1 shot will destroy them

here is the video, i could do a new one showing even more detailed info, but this one works too, the point is that the KA-60 DAGR destroys most of the houses in 1-2 hits

Has anyone played Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2?

The PhysX was incredible in that game.

I wish the same quality of it was in Arma 3.

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