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Add 'Distance' to target (2) menu
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As froggyluv suggested on forums:

The target menu is generally where I'll go to find a list of present enemies but knowing that Autorifleman at 12 o' clock is (100m) while Rifleman at 3 o' clock is (400m) would seriously effect priorities. This would also be very helpful for scavenging.


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Priority/feasibility to be determined by dept. leads.

If it could be changed to compass directions at the same time, it would be great

Vote up on the ticket and additional +1 on compass directions.

I think the list should be simplified too like

Rifleman at 12 - 300m
Machinegunner at 11 - 100m

without o'clock and whatever else so it won't be a long string of text

There's another thing that can be done to ditch o'clock system but I'm not sure if it will be viable or confusing - using directions instead like

Rifleman, N, 300m
Machinegunner NW, 100m

that way there will be no clock confusion for the rest of the squad however we are being left with 8 directions vs. clock's 12 so I guess there gotta be a better way

Maybe using stuff like North-North West instead of 11 clock?
Like engage that rifleman, north north west which should be similar to 11 if the leader was facing north...

Thanks for the feedback. My feeling is that we'd want to make it consistent with the radio protocol reports, i.e.

[type] - [distance] - [direction]

Direction in this case may be bearing (which - as I recall - is accurate within 15 degrees intervals) or cardinal points (accurate to 45 degrees). If I'm not mistaken, these values are computed from group centre (in formation).

Currently, if targets are 'long distance' (>850m away), they're accurate to cardinal points, and mid-range (300-850) uses bearings (there are some exceptions). Short range contacts currently use relative descriptions, such as 'front', right, rear. Again, computed from group centre in formation.

In the first instance, I'd pursue consistency here, but usability would be a concern, which we'd need to play-test to be sure of. In the end, one consistent way of listing any target may be more fruitful for players.

All the variables exist at some point, but any new system would require programming changes to get to them, which is why we cannot be certain about our ability to implement any tweaks at this busy time.

Often it's hard to determine squad's current direction, for example with AIs scattered in combat or stealth modes, and/or ordered "watch direction". Small o'clock direction display can be confusing at times as well.

Compass direction is constant and tapping compass key is quick and efficient in orienting myself towards the spotted enemy. Even cardinal directions help. Once informed of contacts nearby, if we haven't been spotted yet, I have the time to search for targets or I can use orders combination "hold fire" + "target that..." + "laser on". If we were spotted, any general contact report is quickly updated with tracers, lasers and enemies' muzzle flashes/dirt clouds.

By the way, apart from CAS, this is why it's important to have laser pointers to go all the way to target, instead of ending 300m from the emitter source, like they do it now. There is a ticket on that:

The only better system, would be to have the AI to point specific locations as well, for example "that bush in the middle of the hill" or "fifth house from the right", but I'm afraid, it's not possible to do at the moment.

Some improvements to the formatting might be achieved in future, but we have some lockdown on our string database right now.