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Backpacks - volume
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Backpacks have unrealistic volumes. For example, it is possible to put 4/5 TAR 21 into assault backpack! It seems as they do not take into account the shape of the object, just the volume. It would be great to have the inventory(backpacks, vests) looking a bit more RPG style with "squares" as units of volume, or something analogical.



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Additional Information <--- great idea about backpack system.

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Maybe you disassemble a rifle before you put it into the backpack? Ever thought of that?

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Even then it's IMPOSSIBLE. Look at the screen-shot attached. Imagine 4 of those inside and even then it is not full.

Oh, I just saw you meant the assault backpack. Yeah, for an assault backpack it's too much.

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The same applies for explosive charges. The small ones, which are essentially small C4 strips used for small ordinance disposal or door breaching. They take up a massive amount of space, yet I can fit multiple 200 round belts in the same space.