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FPS massive drop due to "VM busy" event in arma3.rpt
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The game generally works quite well on my PC. However after playing the game for 1-2 hours, the FPS suddenly drops to extremely low values (1-2 fps). As I recently found, when this happens the messages of kind:

Small mapped regions: 20, size 94208 B
Virtual memory total 2047 MB (2147352576 B)
Virtual memory free 153 MB (160677888 B)
Physical memory free 823 MB (863498240 B)
Page file free 2846 MB (2984337408 B)
Process working set 1303 MB (1366401024 B)
Process page file used 1435 MB (1504808960 B)
Longest free VM region: 8040448 B
VM busy 1986875392 B (reserved 360886272 B, committed 1625989120 B, mapped 53665792 B), free 160477184 B

are being continuosly written to arma.rpt many many times . Sometimes FPS might recover, then that messages stop to be written to arma.rpt . However, this FPS recovery doesn't last long, and FPS goes down with the same symptoms again after few minutes.

This bug happens to me in current stable version and in all previous versions. {F19545} {F19546}


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To start SP or MP game and play for 1-2 hours

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Just tested new stable version - the bug persist with the same symptoms.

We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.