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[Tweaking] More realistic tree/bushes behaviour
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Make branches - not the whole tree to bend under wind or when helicopter is passing.

Right now it looks bit weird when whole trunk is bending, it would look much better if branches would be more active than trunk on windy weather.
Trunk should just (depending on tree type) bend slightly under heavy wind in it's highest section. {F19544}


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Video as an example to explain it better:

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Uploaded an picture of what i mean. Tree should bend only in its highest section when windy weather and in its midsection if weather is really bad.

At least make tree bend that way without branches bending just as a quick fix to this issue. Now trees don't bend but their trunks is moving.

It may or may be not possible with Physx - but not because of Physx, rather because of engine limitation. It also require additional time spent on development on this. Anyway it could be fixed at least after A3 premiere in patch rather than left it how it is right now.

It looks especially weird when helicopter is passing just above trees peaks. Trees start to bend unrealistically to all sides just like bushes.
Again - make the branches much more easier to force than thick trunk, helicopter passing should not have any force to bend trees like grass! Leaves ok, branches a little ok but not whole damm tree ;)

Well to start off they could remove the bend animation from the biggest tree classes. Then tweak it later on if needed.

That shouldn't take a lot of time.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 2:12 PM

Its simply possible by physX

Its take a 8-14 days for make it works perfect
Have exp with it in current game project of my team...
Just need have brains... ;)

not sure how hard would be to implement it but I saw that Skyrim did it really nice. Things like that would add nice immersion so maybe after release we will see.

Muecke added a subscriber: Muecke.May 7 2016, 2:12 PM

it still looks weird. i guess its only one element not parted into more.
the trunk behaves like a bush. if this needs complete new trees it will never be right as this is to much work. sad anyhow...