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Equipment configuration favorites list.
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I think it would be nice to be able to "favorite" certain inventory/equipment configurations so that players can quickly withdraw the items they want from a crate and have their weapons/equipment configured the way it was when they created their favorites list.


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This post was originally about a favorites list. However after trying VAS I've found that it does everything I need it to and I think this or a feature like it should be built into the game.

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Actually, I like to use the Virtual Ammobox System. You can just save your loadout.

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The virtual ammobox gui looks decent, but the mod looks complicated to set up server side and I doubt new or inexperienced players would even bother or understand how to set it up to host with. I'm not saying the virtual ammobox couldn't work, but it would have to be built into the game's mission editor to be practical for average users.

It's not complicated... just have to put a line in the ammobox init field and the VAS script in the mission folder...

Yeah, a built in VAS, that's exactly what we need. I was actually going to ask for that myself.

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I finally got VAS to work, but I still think it needs to be more user friendly(for hosting) and the only way to do that is to have it built in. That being said the VAS does everything I need it to and I definately think this or an equivalent feature should be built into the game.