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Suggestions for keybinding with Onscreen Menu in Heads Up Display
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I have noticed that the game has a very complex keybinding system and spreads a lot of functions on various keys. A lot of these keybinds can be grouped together under one key and use a onscreen HUD menu.

Example of onscreen menu utilizing one keybind to activate
The onscreen menu is opened when USER presses and holds the key. Upon release, the onscreen menu is deactivated.

BF2 Comma Rose Menu

This simple function has been in use by console videogames for a long time, it was created because the controller does not have as many buttons that can be binded much like a keyboard.

I believe this kind of function can greatly improve the interface of the game. Commands should be grouped together and utilize their own specific menu.

In areas of:

Issuing orders to AI teammates such as selecting all members of Team RED, BLUE, WHITE, etc. More options for AI commands when selecting target area. IE: Move fast, Move steady, Move cautiously, Diamond formation, Vee Formation, Wedge Formation, etc

Selecting specific important gear from inventory at crucial times.

Weapon selection menu: Primary weapon, secondary weapon, etc.

Grenade selection menu: Smoke grenade, HE grenade, Thermite grenade, Flash-bang, etc.

Freeing the mouse scroll to be used for more important tasks.

Allows use of multiple attachments on weapons. IE: Turn flashlight on or off, turn IR laser on or off, turning thermal optics on or off, turn NV optics on or off, etc.

Frees up more keys and allows various misc functions grouped under one menu, ie: Saluting other players, lowering weapon, sitting on the ground, pretend to be dead, kneel praying, etc.


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Arma 3 is a very good game so far in Alpha, I have enjoyed it a lot. Please make the interface more user friendly and this game will surely be one of the best.

The market for ultra realistic military simulators has always been there, but no one has ever made one that featured a easy to use interface along with the gameplay.

Much was the success of Call of Duty series. Once the game's control and interface became easy to play. It became very popular. Many new players get turned off games because the controls may be too complex or difficult for them to learn and get use to.

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