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The game needs non lethal weapons for situations were subduing people and AI is needed rather than killing them
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You should be able to use weapons like grenades containing knockout gas and tasers to subdue people and remove their weapons and other equipment without killing them. This would be good for when killing the target is not an option or kidnaping people online.


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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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Knockout gas grenades sound a bit too unrealistic, their effectiveness in (primarily) open word of Arma is questionable.

What isn't mentioned here is pneumatic rifles with tranquilizing charges. That could potentially be integrated into the upcoming health system (alongside other poisons like snake bites).

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This seems like something that would be useful in mods such as DayZ.

Personally I think it would be unrealistic to include tranquilizer darts, "knockout gas" or tazers in ArmA. First off these things are not something that people use in combat, ever. Second it doesn't fit the ArmA missions.

I vote no, because mods like DayZ can make these things for themselves.

As for missions like "Wasteland" - it would just be a tool for griefing - no other purpose whatsoever, certainly not "realism". Who hunts armed men with tranquilizer guns and tazers?

I ment if for capturing a member of the enemy team fir questioning and for capturing a commander or general in a user made mission.

First, need add knockout or immobilize stance\pose\animation. Else not metter. Rubber bullets, tranq.

This would expand the playablity/modabilty of this game by 300%...

Imagine a Swat 4 mod on Altis..

Please BIS, do it if you think it is doable.