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Terrain Graphics at mid and long range distances
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O.K. guys. Before I criticize, I would like to give some praise where it is due. Not only is the Arma Series been my favorite game ever created hands down, but the team in charge of models have done a superb job. Your models and vehicles look superb. So realistic and believable. Your terrain however is borderline disaster. It looks terrible both mid range and long distance. And in order for the game to not be so jumpy as I posted in another post, I scale back on some of the graphics and can then see a radius of shadow filling in as I run. It is terrible and we just put up with it because we love the game so much.

I would like to recommend that you go to

the current free territory is the worst territory they offer. Take the step and pay the $14.00 for a three month membership and walk all there territories. once you pay the $14 membership and download the game, click on "The Hunt" and then "Go Hunting". Pan to the Island on the far right and start at "Koppartorp" Lodge. Just walk around there open world terrain and prepare to be astonished. Both short, mid, and long distance viewing is borderline unbelievable. Please put someone on your staff on this. It will only take a short time and see what open world terrain graphics should look like.


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