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NPC character performs weird dead animation (ragdoll) inside an A2OA building.
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My custom model character has performed weird ragdoll animation when died inside an ArmA 2 OA building (there is Zargabad).

I don't sure which the problem is from my custom model character, or just the ragdoll system itself that doesn't support A2 building's interior.


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this allowFleeing 0;
this setPosATL [4171.2,4201.8,4.1];
this disableAI "MOVE";
this setUnitPos "MIDDLE";

Additional Information

Test with my custom mod and @AllInArma mod

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The game doesn't feature a proper porting of old arma content so this issue can in no way be assigned to arma 3.

What you are doing is pretty much modding the game.


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We are very sorry, we do not guarantee that user generated content such as mods, scripts, maps etc. will work all time during developement of the game. It is up to users themself to make sure their work is 100% compatible with current version of the game.