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Cloud layer is at a fixed height above player.
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Example: You cannot climb over the clouds with a helicopter. The cloud layer is at a fixed heigth above the player

Edit: It seems not to be true. The clouds are supposedbly too high and were not reached in my tests. See notes.


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Enter editor. Setup a mission with a helicopter and an overcast cloud layer. Get in that helicopter an climb straight up. The cloud layer rises with the player.

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Volumetric should mean I can fly through them, over them and under them.

downvoted, its just how you see them, this also happends in real life, went up there with a littlebird, it looks like they climb with you but they ARE static, once you set a big stormy enviroment and get over the cloud layer the sight is beautiful, by the way.

Are you sure? A while back I placed a jet using the allinarma mod and I was not able to get above the clouds.

What altitude do you have to reach to be above the cloud layer?

Well I guess I was wrong. I will try again today to get over the clouds. But one thing is true: On the worst weather setting the clouds need to be much lower.

But bullshit to you sir: a little bird can climb over 5k meters this should be enough to get to regular cumulus clouds. At 2000 on a stormy day I should be at least 1000m well within the clouds

Tested and you can definitively climb over the clouds layer, even if it takes a bit.

I'm downvoting the issue cause the clouds are not at a fixed height over the player, but please OP report an issue about the height for different weathers (ofcourse search before posting :P )

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.